12 Mar 2013

Ithaca's many accolades

Submitted by Bluffs Silver

Ithaca, NY has America's longest running, currently active local currency, Ithaca Hours, which began in 1991. This investment in local business and local people has been paying great dividends as Ithaca has been recognized in the last decade by scores of different organizations for its excellent livability and desirable city qualities:



Ithaca ranked #1 best college town in America among the "Top 10 Best College Towns in America" by Business Insider, January 2013

Ithaca named "the Most Secure Place to Live" for a municipality with less than 150,000 residents by Farmers Insurance Group, October 2012 

Ithaca ranked "#1 College Destination" by American Institute for Economic Research, October 2012

Ithaca ranked one of the "Best River Towns in America" by Outside Magazine, September 2012

Cornell ranked #5 in the "Top 25 Colleges for Outside Readers" from Outside Magazine, August 2012

Ithaca ranked #5 in "The 10-Best Cities for Millennials," by Moving.com and 24/7WallSt.com, July 2012

Ithaca ranked  #1 for “Prime Workforce Growth” among 365 metro statistical areas, Area Development Magazine, June 2012

Ithaca ranked 3rd best city for “Finding Employment Right Now,” Forbes, May, 2012

Cayuga Scenic Byway ranked “Top 10 All American Road Trip” by Yahoo Travel, May, 2012

Ithaca ranked top-10 in “Great Quirky Places to Retire,” AARP Magazine, April 2012

Ithaca/Tompkins County ranked a “Top 10 Small to Mid-sized Fourth Economy Community” by Fourth Economy Consulting, April 2012

Ithaca ranked America’s “most secure” small town, Farmers Insurance study, Dec. 2011

Ithaca ranked a top-seven retirement town in “Retire Here, Not There,” Smart Money, Nov. 2011

Ithaca ranked one of the “10 Best Places to Retire 2012” by US News & World Report, Oct. 2011

Ithaca ranked one of 19 “Perfect Towns” by Outside magazine, Oct. 2011

Cornell ranked #19 in “100 Best Companies” by Working Mother magazine, Oct. 2011

Cornell ranked second in “Best Employers for Workers over 50” by AARP, Sept., 2011

Ithaca ranked #9 on AARP's list of "10 Affordable Cities for Retirement." AARP Magazine Sept-Oct, 2011

Top Ithaca once again ranked in "Top 100 Places to Live" by RelocateAmerica.com, June, ‘11

Ithaca ranked top-10 city for "Carless Retirement" by US News & World Report, online, March 2011

Ithaca ranked #6 in "America's Foodiest Towns," (pop under 250,000) by Bon Appétit magazine, Sept. '10

Ithaca ranked #1 "Best College Town" (under 250,000 pop.) by American Institute for Economic Research, Sept. ‘10

Ithaca ranked #7 in "America's Brainiest Metros", The Daily Beast, online, August, ‘10

Ithaca ranked #1 among 350 U.S metro areas as the best place for recent college grads, The Daily Beast, online, June, ‘10

Ithaca ranked in top-100 places to live, top-10 recreation cities and top-10 small towns by RelocateAmerica.com, April, ‘10

Ithaca listed a "Top Retirement City for Wine Lovers," US News & World Report online, May 2009

Ithaca ranked third (again, see Dec. 07) in Farmers Insurance study, "Most Secure Places to Live - Small Towns," May 2009

Ithaca ranked in top-100 American cities by RelocateAmerica.com, April 2009

Ithaca ranked a top-10 city for job-seeking retirees, US News, Jan. 22, 2009

Ithaca ranked #1 "Best Middle Class Housing Markets" by Forbes.com, Dec. 4, 2008

Ithaca's Gimme! Coffee ranked #2 in "9 Great Coffees," by Saveur magazine, iss. 114, Oct. 2008

Cornell University named #1 employer for people over 50 by AARP Magazine, Sept. 2008

Ithaca's Gimme! Coffee ranked best coffee bar by Food & Wine magazine, Sept. 2008

Ithaca ranked #1 "green commuter" city by AARP Magazine, Sept. 2008

Ithaca Beer named New York's #1 craft brewer at the annual Tap NY Festival, Aug. 2008

Ithaca ranked #6 in "The 20 Best Towns in America" by Outside magazine, Aug. 2008

Ithaca's EcoVillage selected as a top-8 "Ecotopia" by Forbes magazine, April 2008

Ithaca chosen as a top-10 global travel destination by Gore-Tex and the Adventure Travel Trade Association, April 2008

Ithaca ranked 2nd in Smart Money magazine's "7 Best Places to Retire in an Economic Downturn," Feb. 2008

Ithaca ranked third among "America's Smartest Cities," by Forbes Magazine, Feb. 2008

Ithaca schools ranked 2nd nationwide among metro areas under 500,000 by Expansion Management Magazine, Dec. 2007

Ithaca ranked third in Farmers Insurance study, "Most Secure Places to Live - Small Towns,": Dec. 2007

Ithaca ranked third in Relocate America's "Top 100 Places to Live in 2007," Relocate-America.com, April 2007

Ithaca ranked second in "Best Green Places to Live," by Country Home magazine, April 2007

Ithaca listed as one of the 10 "Best Places to Live" for gays and lesbians by The Advocate, March 27, 2007. The Advocate is the nation's leading LGBT publication

Ithaca ranked first in "12 Great Places You've Never Heard Of," Mother Earth News magazine, July/Aug. 2006

Ithaca ranked among the "12 Hippest Hometowns for Vegetarians," VegNews magazine, July/Aug. 2006

Ranked eighth in "50 Smart Places to Live", Kiplingers Personal Finance, June 2006

Ithaca ranked 17 nationwide among the "Best Places for Business and Careers," Forbes magazine, April 2006

Ithaca ranked fourth in Relocate America's "Top 100 Places to Live in 2006," April, 2006. Relocate-America.com

Number-One City for Knowledge Workers, "College Towns Are at the Heart of the Knowledge Sector Economy," Expansion Management magazine, March/April 2006

"12 Great Places to Retire", Kiplingers Personal Finance, March 2005

"Number-One Emerging City," in the book "Cities Ranked and Rated" by Bert Sperling and Peter Sander, 2004

"Best healthy city in the Northeast," Organic Style Magazine, September / October 2003

Ithaca Ranks 14 in Outside Magazine's "40 Best College Towns," September 2003

"Best Lesbian Places to Live - The Ten Lesbian-Friendliest Cities in the USA," Girlfriends Magazine, November 2002

"America's Five Best Mountain Biking Towns" Bike Magazine, June 2002

"Best Places to Vacation," Money Magazine, April 2002

"100 Great Escapes: Top-10 Trips," Travel & Leisure Magazine, March/April 2002

"American Values - Where to Buy a Retirement Home," Smart Money Magazine, Feb. 2002

The Ithaca Farmers Market named one of the "60 Best American Public Places," Utne Reader, January 2002

"Best Fly Fishing Through North America, Fish and Fly Magazine, winter 2001

"25 Terrific Places to Bring up a Family," Mothering Magazine, July/ August 2001

"America's Most Enlightened City," Utne Reader, May 1997