Half Gram Silver $1.00

Twentieth Gram Gold $5.00

Tenth Gram Gold $10.00

Half Gram Gold $50.00


The suggested retail prices for our cards are listed above. While we would never try to force anyone to trade our cards at these prices, they are what we sell them for and what we suggest you trade them at.

The current spot price of gold in grams is 48.80 and the current spot price for silver in grams is 0.56. These values were last updated at 21 Sep 2019 2:24pm.


Handling Bluffs Silver In Your Store  

The Cash Register

We suggest that you place our cards in the same slots as you would dollar bills of a similar value, on top of the paper money. For example, you might put your half gram silver cards on top of all your $1 bills, and twentieth gram gold cards would be good on top of $5 bills. That way your cashiers will be visibly reminded they are there, but they won't be in the way.
At the beginning of the day you might want to check our MSRP and write the current values down on a piece of paper by the register. If you have one of our "accepted here" stickers, you might consider jotting down the values on that using a dry erase marker or a grease pencil.
Our newest card designs have a denomination specific QR code on the back, so if you have a smart phone handy you should be able to use the Silver Calculator app to quickly get the dollar value of each card. In the near future you should be able to replace your cash register with just the smart phone!
Very simply though, when a customer hands your cashier some Bluffs Silver cards, they should just place them in the appropriate slots the same as they would dollar bills. Its that easy.

Acceptance Value?

We don't dictate that you must use our MSRP. We prefer it, and believe that it will help make it easier to use and be more widely accepted, but we would never force anyone to use our valuations.
If you don't want to use our MSRP, you'll need to come up with your own formula. Maybe you'll want to try spot price plus some percent. Whatever you decide, you'll want to document it in the store and on your businesses' listing on this site. That way your customers can easily find out and decide if they want to use it or not.

Getting Too Many Sales?

You might be concerned that customers could flood you with more Bluffs Silver than you're comfortable handling, or that you won't have enough paper dollars to pay suppliers that don't accept Bluffs Silver yet. We're not going to say "Don't worry at all", but we do think it won't be a problem.
The first reason we don't think it will be a problem is because there just isn't a whole lot of it out there yet. And while we're trying to grow as fast as we can, we're still new. Over time, as more and more people come on board, so will other businesses - including your suppliers most likely, so as the amount of business in Bluffs Silver you get grows, so will your ability to use them.
Also, we do have a buyback policy. Since we buy back at a lower price than you would get when using them with other businesses or by handing them out as change; we would hope you would try those outlets as well. You might consider asking your employees to take a portion of their salary or wages in Bluffs Silver, as many employees in other locales do with their own local currency. But if after all that you still need to convert some Bluffs Silver into dollars, just let us know and we'll make sure your needs are taken care of.


We'd love to hear about ways you use Bluffs Silver in your business. Are there better ways to promote it or to communicate its value to your customers? Let us know if you think this page can be improved, and if your idea is good enough we might just send you something of value as thanks.